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Engl Invader 100 used   Not for sale
Mein Hauptamp
Hauptsache laut, melodisch und kein langweiliger -core....

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Engl Invader II E642/2 used   Not for sale
2015 - The ENGL INVADER II features an improved channel design including 2 Clean channels and 2 Overdrive channels, all switchable between a HI or Low Gain mode plus a SOUND switch that changes the character per channel. That?s a total tonal variety of 16 basic sounds.
Metal Gitarrist, eigenes Songwriting, bevorzugt melodischen,...

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Engl Invader 100 + pro cab used   Not for sale
Engl top and cab
Gitarist, ongeveer 20 jaar ervaring in rock, metal, stoner...

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