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KRK Rokit used
KRK Rokit 6 used
KRK RP6 used
KRK RP6 Rokit used
KRK Vxt used

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KRK Rockit 6 used   Not for sale
Party-Pop, am liebsten 80er/90er, Pop, Rock, Disco, schreibe...

Sankt Augustin
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KRK Rokkit 6 G3 used   Not for sale
Nahfeldmonitore Aktiv
Funk, Blues, Rock, In.die, So.ul, Ja.zz...eine moderne Kombi...

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KRK RP5 RoKit G2 used   Not for sale
Mein Ziel: Freude an der Musik! Musikrichtung RnB, Soul, Hip...

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KRK RP-10 used   Not for sale
Aktive Nah/Midfield-Monitore
Komponist/Songwriter im Hobbybereich kein Textwriter .....

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KRK Vit 8 used   (Value: 800 £) Not for sale
Enceintes Amplifiés
Dj : electro/edm/Jump/bounce/ techno/rap/hip hop .. Débute e...

Paris 13
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