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0 mi Glasgow Band introducing   Country  Pop        Band Glasgow, | 4×, (Band now forming) Playing for fun and some live gigs.Rehearsing once a month
0 mi Glasgow Band is looking for Keyboard player/Keyboardist  Country  Pop        Band wants keyboard player, | 4×, Playing for fun and a few live gigs. Rehearsing about once a month.
13 mi Cumbernauld Band is looking for Drummer  Indie/Alternative          Want drummer Cumbernauld, | 4×, Drummer required for a band with plenty of material.
13 mi Cumbernauld Band introducing   Indie/Alternative          Classified band available, | 4×, We have plenty of material and have played some gigs.
24 mi Grangemouth Band introducing   Oldie  Rock  R'Roll      Grangemouth oldie band, | 4×, (Band now forming) Newly formed 4 piece band, all in 50's, first gig lined up, lets rock & roll!
24 mi Grangemouth Band is looking for Keyboard player/Keyboardist  Oldie  Rock  R'Roll      Grangemouth want keyboardist, | 4×, Newly formed 4 piece band, all in 50's, first gig lined up, lets rock & roll!
24 mi Bathgate Band is looking for Guitarist/Guitar player  Rock  Funk  Pop      Want guitar, | 4×, , Lead guitarist with soloing chops required! Good sense of humour and mature attitude a must! Fun to be had!
24 mi Bathgate Band introducing   Blues/Swing  Rock  Pop      Blues/swing band available, | 4×, , Established amateur band who gig for fun and love of music.
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   more than 1000 positive reviews!
       "...A nice song with a nice feel and rhythm ..." (chris Byr..., UB8 Cowley)        "...Cynthia has been great to deal with!..." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh)        "...Excellent guitar playing and songwriting ..." (chris Byr..., UB8 Cowley)        "...Strong drummer and really nice guy to boot...." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh)        "...Great lady with tonnes of energy and lots of fun. Rocking voice!..." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh)        "...Very good musician - Recommended..." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham)        "...Excellent young guy and guitar player...." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham)        "...Very positive at all times and always satisfacory..." (Eddie Bay..., IP14 Stowmarket)        "...Claudia has a passion for jazz and blues, a collaborative attitude and empathy. ..." (Paul Col..., N13 Palmers Green)        "...Excellent singer, very high standard. Reliable communicator...." (Simon All..., BD18 Shipley)