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30 mi Elstead Keyboard player/Keyboardist is looking for Songwriter/Composer  Jazz  Classic  Rock 
in 0 band     Elstead keyboardist wants jazz composer Need some help constructing your music? Get in touch.
13 mi Chichester Guitarist/Guitar player is looking for Songwriter/Composer  Indie/Alternative  Folk  Blues/Swing 
in 0 band     Chichester want indie alternative composer For pleasure rather than profit - trying for that elusive middle ground between Neil Young & The Smiths !
2 mi Eastney Singer/Vocalist is looking for Songwriter/Composer  Drum'n' Bass  House  Psychedelic 
in 0 band     Eastney singer wants songwriter Up for featuring on songs of artists that long for something extra.
6 mi Fareham Songwriter/Composer is looking for Songwriter/Composer  Indie/Alternative     
in 0 band     Seeking songwriter Fareham Want to find out if there is any merit in the songs I try to write.
19 mi Winsor Songwriter/Composer is looking for Songwriter/Composer  Indie/Alternative  Rock  Pop 
in 0 band   Seek indie alternative songwriter Would like to form writing group with like-minded individuals for mutual support
28 mi Whiteparish Guitarist/Guitar player is looking for Songwriter/Composer  Rock  Blues/Swing  Progressive 
in 0 band   Guitarist wants rock composer! (band now forming!) I have been playing for many years and have played extensively across the south
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   more than 1000 positive reviews!
       "...Excellent young guy and guitar player...." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham)        "...Very positive at all times and always satisfacory..." (Eddie Bay..., IP14 Stowmarket)        "...Claudia has a passion for jazz and blues, a collaborative attitude and empathy. ..." (Paul Col..., N13 Palmers Green)        "...Excellent singer, very high standard. Reliable communicator...." (Simon All..., BD18 Shipley)        "...Siria is a nice Girl. I am hoping to work on some tracks in the very near future...." (Paul Cro..., EH7 Edinburgh)        "...Very clear & transparent musicians writeup, & all necessary details provided!..." (James Con..., LE19 Leicester)        "...Fantastic musician writeup! :)..." (James Con..., LE19 Leicester)        "...Talented oboe player and jazz composer..." (Eddie Bay..., IP14 Stowmarket)        "...great talent - look forward to communicating..." (Charles Alt..., 60035 Highland Park)        "...Looks and sound fabulous would like to contact..." (Charles Alt..., 60035 Highland Park)